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darkly dreaming girl.
ain't it so weird, how it makes you a weapon?
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14th-May-2012 02:53 am(no subject)
[GoT] Little Bird
I really ought to use this more. :x

Hopefully, I will when I'm not stressing out with University work. Guh.
29th-Jan-2012 06:53 pm - MASTER POST OF DOOM
[BB] Grumpy Irish bastard






20th-Nov-2011 02:09 am - Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme
[DW] My other ride
Memetime. :)

Take a look of at my cast list found here.

Post as one of your own characters asking a question to one of mine or to several, you choose! Anything at all! Yup, I mean it. And the pup will have to answer. ... guys, don't look at me like that, you will be answering stuff.

Whatever is asked of them, they have to answer it, truthfully. Yep.

[Misfits] Simon/Nathan mwah
I'm desperate to get back into writing because I love it and miss it so very much. So I saw this amazingly awesome meme which Ai had and this will hopefully help me start again. :)

Wait for Godot. While you are waiting, instead of contemplating your existence, click on dis link. Do you know where it will take you? A magical list where all of my truly fascinating characters are.

RULE NUMBER TWO: Rejoice that you can read and therefore have made it past rule number one. Alternately, rejoice that you are a clicker of links. It is good. While you are rejoicing, poke your nosy butt around a little. Not literally. That would be. I don't even want to think about it. ANYWHO. Take a peek at my characters. Do some more reading/link clicking. They are interesting, yeah? I am very protective of them. DON'T TOUCH. Okay, you can touch with two fingers. GENTLY. On the arm.

RULE NUMBER THREE: Pick some of your favorite characters of mine. Alternately, pick some random ones. Ones with nice journal names, or pretty PBs. Yeah, I know how people pick characters for these sorts of things. You don't have to fool me.

RULE NUMBER FOUR: Is Godot back yet? Probably not. But you should come back to this page to check. Guess what? He's not. While you're moaning about how fucking late Godot is every goddamn time, you can comment below with a specific character. You should also have a prompt of some kind--a quote, a song lyric, one of those picture things that Ella likes so much (and is so good at finding).

RULE NUMBER FIVE: Face facts that Godot is probably never fucking coming, for srs. Cry a little bit about this, then click away and forget that you ever came here to wait for Godot. Only remember this when I comment on your comment, probably with a character's journal, with a response to the prompt you left me. Rejoice that SOMEONE finally came through for you, even if they weren't Godot.

RULE NUMBER SIX: There is no rule number six. It is a figment of your imagination--or is it? Do you even exist? DO YOU? DO YOU????
22nd-Jun-2011 02:09 am - don't blame this sleeping satellite.
[SPN] Cas - Almost out of minutes
Today / tomorrow is my day off work. If it's sunny we go to a fairground in Newcastle. If it's raining I get to go back to sleep.

This seems to be a win-win situation I have on my hands.

I like this.

I want to write more of a journal entry. I really do. But even writing about my life is something I'm struggling with.

Time for bed methinks.

I shall leave you with this rather beautiful thing. I feel inspired by it, but can't seem to express it.

It's rather frustrating. :|

11th-Jun-2011 11:09 pm - Ask Me Anything!
[SPN] Crowley - deal?
Memetime. :)

Take a look of at my cast list found here.

Post as one of your own characters asking a question to one of mine. They're free to ask anything at all and none of my characters will not be able to like. At all.

Whatever is asked of them, they have to answer it, truthfully.

[Lovely Bones] Always wanting more.
Part two of my portfolio, this selection of poems was from the work I did in class over the course of the module. Warning - poems deal with topics of death and terminal illness.
The Evening NewsCollapse )

[Lovely Bones] Always wanting more.
My portfolio for ELL231 - Art of Modern Poetry along with my own commentary / self critique on the creative process. Warning - content deals with mild domestic abuse and dead things.

A Murdered ChildCollapse )

The BalloonCollapse )

One DayCollapse )
7th-Jun-2011 01:03 am(no subject)
[Misfits] Simon/Nathan mwah
I got a first for my Poetry Portfolio for ELL231 - Art of Modern Poetry. That's right. A first.

Excuse me while I just party hard.

/does so.


My lecturer's comments was:

"These are powerfully done, with lots of little surprises and interesting images. Your metaphors are well controlled and you have a good grasp of diction, the poems always seeming modern with an authentic voice. Moreover, your choice of topics is accessible and communicative."

I feel all happy and warm inside. He liked my poems. He actually liked them. This is such a surprise to me because last year - he didn't like them very much at all. But I think since then, my writing has really grown and matured. A lot can happen in a year, I guess.
Oh god, I am so freaking happy right now.
4th-Jun-2011 04:07 am(no subject)
[BB] Grumpy Irish bastard
Suddenly getting a little hipster over Warpaint. When I really have no right to be. I first heard them in.. I think it was May last year when I heard 'Billie Holiday'. Now I've noticed that a lot more people are like "YEAH I LOVE WARPAINT!" - And inside in my head, I'm like "I liked them before you guys, gtfo."

Oh, someone please shut me up.

Phantom itchiness has returned. I'm now scratching my arms until I draw blood.

This is so not good. :\

Rarararararara pointless journal entry, should go to bed now as I may have work in the morning. Blah.


/whiney whine whine
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